3Pcs LED Santa Claus Luminous Deer Headbands

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LED Lights: The headbands feature built-in LED lights that illuminate to create a luminous effect. The lights might be arranged in various patterns, such as stars, snowflakes, or other holiday-inspired shapes. They could emit a colorful glow, adding a joyful and festive touch.

Santa Claus Design: Each claus luminous deer headbands might include a Santa Claus element, such as a miniature Santa hat or a plush Santa face attached to the top of the headband. This design element contributes to the holiday theme and adds a playful touch.Hair bands for Christmas are packed of 3 pieces different styles, multiple choice can meet your different preference and make you stand out at the Christmas parties.

Deer Antlers: The claus luminous deer headbands could also feature deer antlers, resembling the iconic reindeer associated with Santa’s sleigh. These antlers might be made of plush material or plastic and attached to the sides of the headband. They add a whimsical and recognizable aspect to the overall design.

Adjustable Fit: The claus luminous deer headbands are typically designed to be adjustable to fit different head sizes comfortably. They might feature a flexible band covered with fabric or a similar material to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for both children and adults.

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Type: headband
Suitable for Christmas day and party carnival
You can dress up for Christmas
Can enhance the festive atmosphere and environmental style.
Material: cloth
Size: Double head about 21*20cm(8.27*7.87inches), single head about 21*14cm
(8.27*5.51inches)quantity: 1
The package includes:
3*Illuminated headband (with button battery)


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3Pcs LED Santa Claus Luminous Deer Headbands
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