4PCS Halloween Luminous Ghost Tree Elves Prop

The 4PCS Halloween Luminous Ghost Tree Elves Prop is a set of spooky and whimsical decorations commonly used during Halloween.

Ghost Tree Elves Design: The prop features four ghostly tree elves or spirits with unique and eerie designs. These figures are often crafted to resemble spooky, spectral creatures with a playful or mischievous appearance.

Luminous Effect: One of the key features of this prop is its luminous or glowing effect. The tree elves are made with materials that can absorb light during the day or when exposed to light sources. Once it becomes dark, they emit a soft glow, adding an ethereal and mystical ambiance to your Halloween decorations.

Durable Materials: The prop is made from durable resin materials to ensure they can withstand outdoor conditions if you choose to use them for exterior decorations.

Set of Four: The package includes four ghost tree elves, which allows you to distribute them around your Halloween display, creating a spooky and immersive atmosphere from various angles.

Versatility: The Luminous Ghost Tree Elves Prop can be used in various ways. You can place them on tree branches, scatter them on the ground, or incorporate them into a Halloween-themed centerpiece or vignette.

Easy Installation: The prop is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, making it simple to set up and arrange in your desired locations.

Reusable: As these tree elves are made from durable materials, you can store them safely after the Halloween season and reuse them for future years.

Kid-Friendly Decoration: Since the luminous ghost tree elves have a playful and whimsical design rather than being overly scary, they can be suitable for family-friendly Halloween displays and events.

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There have 4 different kinds of luminous tree elvesl.The spiritual height of these garden ghost miniature figurine is approx. 2.8-3.8 cm/ 1.1-1.5 inches.They are tiny in size but can bring huge interest for both adults and children.

These tree elves garden decor are made of high quality safe resin. Miniature luminous ghost decoration is very suitable for micro landscape decoration.

If these accessories are soaked enough sunlight during the day, they will light your pathway or your immediate area with the luminous material when the sun goes down and it gets dark. After it is exposed to strong light of a torchlight, it will become brighter.

Cute Garden ghost miniature figurines are ideal for home, bedroom, living room, garden, micro landscape, flowerpot decoration and anywhere as you like. ree elves symbolize good luck and mysterious. It is a good choice for a anniversary gift, birthday gift or engagement gift to your family and friends.

Project Type: Luminous resin miniature dwarf
0.17×1.24inches (1.8×3.1cm)
0.81×1.16inches (2.1×2.9cm)
1.0×1.4inches (2.5×3.5cm)
1.0×1.24inches (2.5×3.4cm)
Color: White ,green
Package includes:
4pc x Luminous resin miniature dwarf

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Children under 3 years old should avoid using small parts. Avoid using it too small and will choke the baby’s throat after swallowing.

In Manual measurement, the size will have an error of 0.5-2mm, please refer to the actual size​.

Due to the difference in light and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture. Please take the real one as standard.


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4PCS Halloween Luminous Ghost Tree Elves Prop4PCS Halloween Luminous Ghost Tree Elves Prop
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