Bee Inflatable Cartoon Costume – Halloween Party Performance Outfit

Eye-catching design: The “Cartoon Doll Happy Pig Inflatable Costume” features a vibrant and adorable pig design, perfect for adding a touch of fun to your events and parties.
Comfortable and durable: Made from high-quality materials, this costume is lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear. It allows for easy movement and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Easy to use: The costume is easy to assemble and disassemble. Simply step into the costume, tighten the drawstrings, and turn on the air pump to inflate it. It also comes with a convenient on/off switch for effortless control.

Versatile sizing: Designed to fit most adults, this costume features adjustable drawstrings and elastic openings for a secure and comfortable fit for various body types.

Perfect for festive occasions: Whether it’s a costume party, Halloween, or other special events, this Cartoon Doll Happy Pig Inflatable Costume is sure to be a hit. It’s a whimsical choice that will bring smiles and laughter to everyone around.

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– Attention: The “Cartoon Doll Happy Pig Inflatable Costume” is intended for adult use only and is not suitable for children.
– Battery requirement: This costume requires 4 AA batteries (not included) to power the built-in air pump. Please make sure to have the batteries ready before use.
– Proper use of the battery box: Ensure that the battery box is securely closed and properly inserted into the costume to prevent any damage or malfunction.
– USB charger option: If you prefer, you can use a small USB charger instead of batteries to power the costume. Please make sure the USB charger is compatible and has the appropriate power output.
– Safety precautions: Avoid placing the battery box or USB charger in a pocket for an extended period of time, as it may cause overheating. Always keep them in a secure and well-ventilated area.
– Costume inflation: Before wearing the costume, tighten the outer ring to secure the air pump in place. This will prevent the air pump from falling out during shipment or use.
– Adjusting the costume fit: Use the drawstrings provided to tighten the costume around your body for a comfortable and secure fit. Ensure that the drawstrings are tightened as much as possible.
– Fully inflating the costume: If the costume is not fully inflated, loosen the outer ring and turn the air pump towards the front to better inflate the head. Tighten the drawstrings again for a snug fit.
– Care and storage: After use, deflate the costume and fold it carefully. Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid placing any heavy objects on top of the costume to prevent damage.
– Cleaning instructions: If necessary, clean the costume with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash or submerge the costume in water, as it may damage the electronic components.
– Have fun and stay safe: Enjoy wearing the “Cartoon Doll Happy Pig Inflatable Costume” during festive occasions, parties, or events. Remember to prioritize safety and follow any additional guidelines or instructions provided.


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Bee Inflatable Cartoon Costume – Halloween Party Performance Outfit
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