Glitter Starfish Headband

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A glitter starfish headband is a decorative hair accessory that incorporates the design of a starfish, made with glitter or sparkly materials. Here are some common features of a glitter starfish headband:

Starfish Design: The headband will feature a starfish-shaped embellishment as its main focal point. The starfish design vary in size, color, and style.

Glitter or Sparkle: The headband will have a glittery or sparkly finish to add a touch of glamour and shine. The glitter can be applied to the starfish charm, the entire headband, or specific sections, depending on the design.

Headband Base: The headband itself is made of a soft fabric and durable material, such as plastic or metal, that can be worn around the head. It is designed to hold the starfish charm securely in place.

Adjustable Fit: The glitter starfish headband have an adjustable feature, such as an elastic band or adjustable sliders, to accommodate different head sizes and ensure a comfortable fit.

Versatile Wear: Glitter starfish headbands can be worn for various occasions, including beach parties, summer events, costume parties, tropical-themed weddings, or simply as a fun accessory for everyday wear.

Different Color Options: Glitter starfish headbands come in a variety of colors to match different outfits or personal preferences. Common colors include gold, blue, pink, purple, and light purple.

Lightweight and Easy to Wear: The headband is typically lightweight, making it easy to wear for extended periods without causing discomfort.

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Features & Benefits:
Girls headwear have decorated starfish with glitter flakes, wearing them make you more sparkly and charming in the crowed.

The glitter starfish headband suitable for straight hair, curly hair, long or short hair and various other hairstyles, they can also be used for makeup and face washing in your daily.

Adult headband has toughness, its exterior is wrapped with soft cloth and durable plastic. Elastic hair hoop suits the crowd of all age groups, not only have adornment effect but also can fix the hair not untidy.

Size: 13.97cm x 11.43cm(5.5×4.5 inches)
Material: fabric and plastic
Style: lovely and elegant
Color: gold, blue, pink, purple, and light purple

Package Includes:
1x Sequins Starfish Hair band

1.The size may a vary slightly due of the manual measurement.
2.Color may slight difference due to different lighting and different mobile phone displays.


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Glitter Starfish Headband
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