Halloween Droopy Eyeball Prop

The Halloween Droopy Eyeball Prop is a spooky and comical accessory that adds a touch of creepiness to your Halloween costume.

Droopy Eyeball Design: The prop features a single or multiple eyeballs with a droopy or bulging appearance. The eyeballs have exaggerated veins, bloodshot effects, or other details to enhance the creepy and unsettling look.

Realistic Texture and Detail: The prop may be crafted with attention to detail, aiming to resemble a realistic eyeball. It might have a glossy finish, a textured iris, or even a movable pupil for added realism.

Size and Weight: The prop is sized to suit all adults and children, and it is designed to be noticeable and draw attention. The weight is typically kept light to ensure it can be comfortably worn or carried as part of your costume.

Versatile Use: The Halloween Droopy Eyeball Prop is a versatile accessory that can be incorporated into various Halloween costumes. Whether you’re dressing up as a zombie, a monster, or simply want to add an eerie touch to your outfit, this prop can enhance the overall look and theme of your costume.

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Perfect Funny glasses props.
Perfect for child party.
Perfect add-on for wizard costume, nerd costume and a classical looks, also in different occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Wizard themed birthday and many more. Fits only on kids, a perfect party favors for your loved ones.
Suitable for the people you love to provide a perfect party.

Material: Plastic
Eyelids 4.5inch (11.5 cm)
wide: 4.3inch (11 cm)
Color: Black, blue, white
Package Including
1 pcs Halloween Droopy Eyeball Prop


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Halloween Droopy Eyeball PropHalloween Droopy Eyeball Prop
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