Halloween Elephant Cartoon Headband

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Elephant Cartoon Design: The headbands showcase a cute and cartoonish elephant design. The elephant may be depicted with exaggerated features, such as big eyes, a friendly smile, or comical expressions. The design aims to evoke a sense of fun and playfulness.

Halloween Theme: To incorporate the Halloween theme, the headbands include elements like pumpkins, bats, spiders, ghosts, or witches’ hats. These elements add a touch of spookiness to the overall design and help create a festive Halloween atmosphere.

Festive Colors: Halloween Elephant Cartoon Headbands feature colors commonly associated with Halloween, such as blue,black,white or green.These colors help enhance the Halloween vibe and create a visually appealing accessory.

Comfortable Fit: Similar to other headbands, Halloween Elephant Cartoon Headbands are designed for a comfortable fit. They usually feature a flexible band covered with soft fabric or padding to ensure a snug and secure fit without causing discomfort.

Versatility: These headbands can be enjoyed by individuals of various ages who want to celebrate Halloween in a whimsical and unique way. Whether worn for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, or simply to showcase your love for elephants and the holiday, they offer a playful and festive accessory option.

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Plastic Mic Mouse Ear headband, covered with polyester fabric, the surface material of the crown part is made of different colored sequin, fillers inside.

Classical Mouse Ear combined with sequin Bow Hair Band. Different styles of mouse ears headbands: the Snow Queen, the White Snow style, the Cookie doll style, the Monster style, the Elephant style, leopard print, polka dot bow, lollipop bow, candy bow and etc.

Mouse ears headpiece are perfect for presents, cosplay, girls headwear, party decorations, Christmas, Halloween, costuming, park trip or daily wear.

One piece of mouse ear headband in a package. The width of the headband part is approx 4.7 inches, the width of the crown part is approx 9.1 inches.

Color: As shown in the picture
headband width: approx 4.7 inches (12cm)
crown width: approx 9.1 inches (30cm)
Weight: 30g (1.06OZ)
Texture of material: Polyester, Sequin


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Halloween Elephant Cartoon Headband
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