Halloween Large Animated Root of Evil Prop with Spooky Sound

The chilling and mesmerizing “Root of Evil” Halloween prop, a spine-tingling centerpiece that will send shivers down your spine. This large animated prop stands tall at approximately six feet, looming over your Halloween display with an eerie presence.

The “Root of Evil” prop features a gnarled, twisted tree trunk as its main body, intricately crafted to resemble the roots of an ancient malevolent force. Its lifelike details include contorted branches, exposed roots, and a decaying bark texture, all contributing to its foreboding appearance.

What sets this prop apart is its animated functionality. Upon activation, the prop comes to life with an unsettling animation sequence. The tree trunk twists and writhes, as if possessed by an otherworldly power. The branches sway and reach out in an eerie dance, mimicking the sinister movements of a sentient entity.

To intensify the haunting experience, the “Root of Evil” prop is equipped with a spine-chilling sound feature. As the prop animates, it emits an assortment of bone-chilling sounds that echo through the night. You’ll hear haunting whispers, creaking wood, distant moans, and subtle whispers that intensify the atmosphere of dread and anticipation.

The prop is built to be durable and weather-resistant, allowing you to display it both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a sturdy base for stability and easy setup, ensuring that it remains a striking centerpiece for your Halloween decorations.

Whether you use it to enhance your haunted house, create an eerie garden display, or set the stage for a memorable Halloween party, the “Root of Evil” prop with its spooky sound feature is guaranteed to captivate and terrify anyone who encounters it.

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Do you want to own an outdoor ghost evil prop for Halloween?

This 74.8”large root of evil is perfect for your indoor or outdoor display.

It is dressed in a black rooting fabric costume with gauze accents, and has light-up Jack head to complete the look.

Built in sensor works in tandem with pumpkin head lights, sounds, and animatronics.

Prop on the stand or hang in your garden/yard to frighten trick or treaters.

Just assemble and insert the pole to prop, then insert 3 AA batteries(NOT included).

Materials: Non-woven fabric
Size:Spooky height: 74.8inch (190cm)
Color: Black Green
Package Include
1 x Halloween Prop


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Halloween Large Animated Root of Evil Prop with Spooky SoundHalloween Large Animated Root of Evil Prop with Spooky Sound
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