Halloween LED Eyes Upside down Hang silkworm Corpse Prop

Design: The prop typically features a hanging silkworm corpse with its body positioned upside down. This inverted pose creates a disconcerting and unsettling visual effect, adding to the overall creepiness.

LED Eyes: The prop is designed with LED lights embedded in the eyes of the silkworm corpse. These lights emit an eerie glow, creating an attention-grabbing and haunting effect.The LED lights may flicker or change colors, enhancing the overall eerie ambiance.

Realistic Appearance: The silkworm corpse is designed to have a realistic and detailed look. It may feature lifelike textures, colors, and markings to create a convincing representation of a deceased silkworm.

Hanging Mechanism: The prop comes with a hanging mechanism, such as a string or hook, allowing you to easily suspend it from a desired location.This enables you to create a chilling and ominous display by hanging it from trees, doorways, ceilings, or other suitable areas.

Durable Construction: The prop is made from materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, such as durable plastics or weather-resistant cloth .This ensures that the decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors without easily deteriorating.

Battery-Powered: The LED lights in the prop are powered by batteries, typically AA or AAA. This allows for easy setup and mobility, as you don’t have to worry about locating the decoration near a power source.

Spooky Atmosphere: The combination of the hanging silkworm corpse, the LED eyes, and the overall design of the prop creates a chilling and unsettling ambiance. It is a great addition to haunted houses, Halloween parties, or other spooky-themed events.

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72 inches Halloween Cocoon Corpse Decoration with Lighted LED eyes, Scary Mummy Hanging Prop with lifelike body size and realistic looking hanging skeleton. The best Halloween decorations outdoor indoor, a must fun for this Halloween! Bring you a different Halloween!

Do you want to spend a special Halloween? Hanging Corpses Props, vivid animated Halloween decorations, ideal Halloween party decorations, haunted house decorations, outdoor Halloween yard decorations, Halloween tree decorations, Halloween window decorations, Halloween door decorations etc.

Halloween corpses prop, a great addition to Halloween décor, works well with other spooky decorations, adding some more elements such as a crawling spider, additional webbing, tombstone etc, create a distinctive horrific Halloween night!

Material: Plastic, cloth, foam, wire and silk
Size: Height: 72 inches (180cm)
Color: As shown in the figure
Package Including:
1 x cocoon corpse with purple lighted LED eyes
Need 3×1.5V AA batteries (Not included)

Please far away from fire.
Place it in a dry place for storage.
Need 3×1.5V AA batteries (not included), please remove if long time no use.
Our aim is to serve every customer well, if you have any questions about our cocoon corpse, please feel free to contact us.


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Halloween LED Eyes Upside down Hang silkworm Corpse PropHalloween LED Eyes Upside down Hang silkworm Corpse Prop
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