Halloween Outdoor Zombie Face Realistic Skeleton Stakes Prop

The Halloween outdoor zombie face realistic skeleton stakes prop, a bone-chilling addition to your outdoor Halloween decorations that will transform your yard into a graveyard of the undead.

The centerpiece of this prop is a realistic zombie face. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the zombie’s decaying flesh, sunken eyes, and jagged teeth create a truly haunting and lifelike appearance. The face is designed to be weather-resistant, ensuring it maintains its spine-tingling realism even in outdoor environments.

To complete the chilling effect, this prop features skeleton stakes that can be securely planted into the ground. These stakes resemble skeletal remains, adding an additional layer of fright to the display. They can be strategically positioned throughout your yard, creating an eerie atmosphere reminiscent of a zombie-infested graveyard.

Constructed from durable materials, this prop is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring it remains a standout feature in your outdoor Halloween decor for years to come. The realistic features and sturdy construction make it an excellent choice for haunted house displays, spooky yard setups, or themed parties.

Whether used as individual accents or placed in a larger scene, the Halloween outdoor zombie face realistic skeleton stakes prop will transport your guests to a world of the undead. The chilling presence of the zombie face and the skeletal stakes will create an unforgettable Halloween experience, evoking both fear and fascination.

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This scary creepy zombie decor is a great addition to indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations. The realistic skeleton Halloween decoration creates a scary and exciting scene, enough to scare away your friends and neighbors. Indispensable Halloween props for theme party, haunted house, graveyard, garden, yard, lawn, etc.

The forehead, eyes, chin and teeth of this zombie skeleton garden statue are all bright red paint. The realistic details of the Halloween skull and bones make it look creepy. The horrible appearance with red sleeves makes it look as realistic as a zombie trying to crawl out of the graveyard.

Combine the Halloween yard stakes with skull, hand and arm, insert them into the ground lawn or yard, and place them the way you like. Add amazing additions to your graveyard scene, which will definitely trick your guests.

The zombie Halloween decorations are made of high-quality waterproof plastic, light and safe, will not fade, and can be used repeatedly indoors and outsides for a long time. They are perfect for Halloween party decorations.

Size: Waterproof plastic
Skeleton head size: 5.7*7.8 inches (14x20cm)
the hand lengths from stake to tip of fingers: 13.3-15.7inches (34-40cm)
Color: Pink, red
Package Include:
1 x Halloween zombie skeleton head
2 x zombie arm with sleeve
3 x plastic yard stakes


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Halloween Outdoor Zombie Face Realistic Skeleton Stakes PropHalloween Outdoor Zombie Face Realistic Skeleton Stakes Prop
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