Halloween Scary Crying Woman Wigs Ghost Mask Prop

Scary Crying Woman Wigs: The prop includes a wig resembling long, tangled, and disheveled hair that adds to the creepy appearance. The hair might be styled in a way that mimics a distressed or mournful expression.

Ghost Mask: The prop features a ghost mask designed to look ghostly, pale, and haunting. The mask may have vacant or sorrowful eyes, a distorted or elongated face, and a ghoulish expression to intensify the scare factor.

Realistic Details: The prop have intricate details that add to its authenticity and fright factor. This could include lifelike skin texture, wrinkles, or other features that make the ghost mask and wig appear more realistic.

Comfortable Fit: To ensure a comfortable wearing experience, the prop have an adjustable strap or elastic band to secure the mask to the wearer’s face. It’s important to prioritize safety and comfort when using any costume or prop.

Versatility: The prop can be used in various Halloween settings, such as haunted houses, costume parties, or as a decoration for Halloween-themed events. It can be paired with different outfits or used as a standalone scare element.c

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This scary ghost mask with emulational long straight hair is suitable for horror mask lovers or collectors.

Made of high-quality 100% natural environmental rubber latex. Deodorization treatment has been done in the production process. non-toxic, non-dissemination of odor, water-proof insulation, and a very natural realistic and easy to clean.

There are no obstacles in your sight and breathing. You can see through the eye of the costume. This will add more joyful and active atmosphere to you. Rubber latex is elastic and stretchy, with plenty of space and breathability.

Suitable for All Kinds of Party, Costume Party, Halloween,Christmas, Easter,Show, Fun Activities, Take MV, Ted, Slow Rock, Bars, Dance Halls, Masquerades,Rave Festivals,Carnivals and More.

Material: Natural environmental rubber latex
Size: One size Fits most
Color: As shown in the figure
Package Including
1 x Halloween Women Prop


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Halloween Scary Crying Woman Wigs Ghost Mask PropHalloween Scary Crying Woman Wigs Ghost Mask Prop
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