Halloween Scary Rubber Cleaver Props

Design: The props are designed to resemble cleavers, used as cutting tools in kitchens. However, the Halloween versions have a scary and menacing twist. The design aims to evoke fear and create a sense of horror.

Material: The cleaver props are made of flexible rubber materials. This choice of material ensures that the props are safe to handle and use, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Size: The size of the cleaver props can vary, but they are designed to be visible and attention-grabbing. Consider the dimensions of the props to ensure they suit your intended use and match the scale of your costume or display.

Realistic details: The props feature realistic details such as a blade-like shape, textured surfaces, or weathered finishes to enhance the authenticity and visual impact. These details contribute to the overall scare factor of the props.

Safety considerations: The rubber material of the cleaver props reduces the risk of harm during use, as they are soft and not sharp. However, it’s important to handle them responsibly and avoid swinging or using them in a way that could cause injury or harm.

Versatility: The scary rubber cleaver props can be used in various Halloween settings, such as haunted houses, costume parties, theatrical performances, or as part of a spooky-themed display. They add a sense of danger and horror to your Halloween setup.

Interactivity: While the props do not typically include interactive features, you can get creative with their use by incorporating sound effects, blood-like splatters, or using them as part of interactive displays.

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Rubber Machete Prop Are you looking for a funny Halloween costume accessory for the party? This rubber cutter toy is perfect for you! Using reliable material of and in craftsmanship, safe and .cosplay props Suitable for Halloween, birthday, stage performance or for theatrical production.

Exquisite craftsmanship, very interesting and realistic. This cutter decor will highlight your costume outfit japanese accessories.

Suitable for matching Halloween outfits, which make you special and eyes-catching Halloween Costume Accessory.

It is very good whether it is used by yourself or as a gift, bringing you more fun horror knives cutter prop.

The machete prop is made of excellent material, which is not easy to deform or break halloween toy.

A must-have prop for your Halloween outfit for cosplay, role-play, costume, photo, etc kids knife toys props.

Material: Rubber
Size: About 19.65X2.36inches (50x6cm)
Color: Black
Package List
1 x Halloween cutter prop


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Halloween Scary Rubber Cleaver PropsHalloween Scary Rubber Cleaver Props
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