Halloween Witch Oxford Magician Hat

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Oxford Material: The hat is made from Oxford cloth or a similar durable and smooth fabric, such as felt. This material provides a polished and structured look to the hat, making it stand out as a classic and elegant accessory.

Tall and Pointed Design: The hat features a tall and pointed conical shape. The height and pointy tip of the hat are characteristic of traditional witch or magician hats, adding a sense of mystique and intrigue to the overall appearance.

Wide Brim: The hat has a wide brim that extends outwards. The wide brim adds a dramatic and theatrical element to the hat’s silhouette, making it an iconic and recognizable accessory.

Solid Color: The hat is available in a solid color, commonly black, which complements the witch or magician theme and enhances the hat’s mystical aura.

Versatility: The Halloween Witch Oxford Magician Hat is a versatile accessory that can be worn by both men and women. It is a popular choice for Halloween costumes, themed parties, theatrical performances, and magical events.

Embellishments: While the hat is stylish on its own, it may also include additional embellishments such as ribbons, buckles, feathers, or decorative stitching. These elements add extra flair and customization options.

One Size Fits Most: The hat is designed to fit most adults comfortably. Some models may have an internal drawstring or elastic band to ensure a secure fit on different head sizes.

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Great halloween costume accessory for men & women.

There is a special decoration on the periphery of the hat, which makes people pleasantly surprised.

An iron wire is designed on the edge of the hat to keep the shape you want.

Perfect accessory to complete any witches costume, Ideal for parties, carnivals, Halloween, costume party or even casual use, and so on.

Material: Fabric/felt
Size: 16.7x13inch (43x33cm)
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Hat


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Halloween Witch Oxford Magician Hat
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