HalloweenScary Skull Cage Prisoner Haunted House Prop

The “Scary Skull Cage Prisoner” prop is a bone-chilling addition to any haunted house or Halloween display. It is designed to create a sense of dread and captivity, immersing your guests in a truly terrifying experience.

The centerpiece of this prop is a menacing, life-sized skull cage. The cage is intricately detailed, featuring a grim, grinning skull with hollow eye sockets and a sinister, toothy grin. The metal bars of the cage are rusted and twisted, giving it an aged and foreboding look.

One of the standout features of this prop is its interactive element. As guests approach, a motion sensor triggers a spine-tingling response. The prisoner inside the cage springs to life, his eyes glowing with an eerie light. He rattles the bars, desperately reaching out for freedom, while emitting haunting cries and moans that echo throughout the haunted house.

To enhance the realism, the prisoner’s voice can be modulated to sound distorted or ghostly, adding to the overall atmosphere of terror. The sound effects create a sense of unease and desperation, leaving a lasting impression on those who dare to witness the imprisoned soul.

The prop is built to be sturdy and durable, ensuring its reliability even in a high-traffic haunted house environment. It can be easily mounted or placed in various locations, providing flexibility in creating the perfect scare.

Whether used as a standalone prop or incorporated into a larger haunted house scene, the “Scary Skull Cage Prisoner” will captivate and terrify your guests, leaving them with lasting memories of their encounter with the tormented soul trapped within.

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Scary Funny Halloween Decor- Definitely will freak your friends out when they go by and trigger this animated Halloween decor. The red eyes caged prisoner will reach his head out while screaming’ let me out’.

Creating horrifying atmosphere at haunted house, Halloween Theme party, clubs, theme parks. Most cutest Halloween party decorations indoor outdoor in 2023.

Trigger distance of this Halloween decor is 0 to 23.5inches. When someone going through in front of the prisoner will activate the sensor and the prisoner starts to scream. Please don’t place it in a completely darkened room. It needs some light to work.

Using Steps of Halloween Prop. First, Remove the screw and open the cell box. Second, Input 3*AA batteries. Third, Turn the switch to ‘ON’ and start.

Materials: Plastic, fabric
Size: 9*3.9*10.8 inches. (23x10x27cm)
Trigger distance: 0-23.5inches. (0-60cm)
Color: Black white
Package Include
1 x Halloween Prop


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HalloweenScary Skull Cage Prisoner Haunted House PropHalloweenScary Skull Cage Prisoner Haunted House Prop
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