Inflatable Dog Costume – Family-Friendly Funny and Cute Cartoon Performance Outfit

Made for Fun: Get ready for laughter and excitement with our Inflatable Dog Costume. This adorable and hilarious costume is perfect for family-friendly events, parties, and performances.
Eye-Catching Design: The inflatable dog design is sure to turn heads and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. It features a cartoon-like appearance with vibrant colors and cute details, making it a standout costume choice.
Easy to Wear: Putting on this inflatable dog costume is a breeze. Simply step into the costume, secure the straps, and use the included air pump to inflate it. The lightweight and comfortable design allow for easy movement and hours of enjoyment.
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Battery Requirement: Please note that this Inflatable Dog Costume requires 4 AA batteries to operate the built-in fan, which is responsible for inflating the costume. Please ensure you have the batteries ready before use. (Batteries not included)
Suitable for All Ages: This costume is designed to be family-friendly, suitable for both kids and adults. It’s a perfect choice for family activities, parties, and performances where everyone can join in the fun.
Easy to Inflate: To inflate the costume, simply insert the batteries into the battery compartment and turn on the switch. The built-in fan will start inflating the costume in seconds. Please ensure that the costume is fully inflated for the best effect.
Comfortable and Breathable: While the Inflatable Dog Costume adds a larger-than-life appearance, it is designed to be comfortable to wear. The lightweight and breathable material allow for easy movement and ensure you stay cool throughout the event.
Adjustable Strap System: The costume comes with an adjustable strap system to secure it in place during wear. Make sure to tighten the straps to ensure a snug fit and prevent the costume from shifting or slipping.


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Inflatable Dog Costume – Family-Friendly Funny and Cute Cartoon Performance Outfit
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