Inflatable T-Rex Costume – Halloween Performance, Muscular Dinosaur Outfit

High-quality material: Made from durable and lightweight fabric, ensuring long-lasting use and comfortable wearing experience.
Easy to inflate: Equipped with a built-in fan that quickly inflates the costume within seconds, saving you time and effort.
Eye-catching design: Features a unique and attention-grabbing T-Rex dinosaur design with small eyes, making you stand out at any Halloween party or performance.
Adjustable fit: The costume is designed to fit most adults and can be easily adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit.
Versatile use: Perfect for Halloween parties, stage performances, cosplay events, and more, adding a touch of fun and excitement to any occasion.
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Battery requirement: This costume requires 4 AA batteries to operate the built-in fan, which are not included in the package. Please make sure to have the batteries ready before use.
Avoid prolonged use: To prevent overheating and ensure the longevity of the costume, avoid wearing it for extended periods of time. Take regular breaks and allow the costume to cool down.
Use a small USB charger: Instead of using batteries, you can also power the costume with a small USB charger. This option provides convenience and eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements.
Fan placement: Before wearing the costume, make sure the outer ring of the costume is securely tightened to hold the fan in place. This ensures proper inflation and prevents the fan from falling out during use.
Adjusting the costume: If the costume is not fully inflated, loosen the outer ring and adjust the position of the fan to better inflate the head. Additionally, tighten the drawstrings as much as possible for a snug fit.


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Inflatable T-Rex Costume – Halloween Performance, Muscular Dinosaur Outfit
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