Party Mermaid Mouse Ears Headbands

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Headband Base: The headband is made of a flexible and comfortable material, covered in fabric or a soft foam-like material for a comfortable fit.

Mermaid-Inspired Colors: The mermaid mouse ears headbands features a color palette reminiscent of the ocean and mermaids. Shades of aqua, turquoise, seafoam green, and purple are commonly used to create a mermaid aesthetic.

Seashell or Scale Design: The fabric covering the headband incorporate patterns such as seashells, scales, or aquatic motifs. These designs evoke the underwater world and add a mermaid touch.

Mermaid Tail Attachment: Instead of traditional round mouse ears, Mermaid Mouse Ears Headbands may feature a mermaid tail attachment at the center of the headband. The tail is often made of fabric, sequins, or other materials, resembling the tail of a mermaid.

Embellishments: Additional embellishments like sequins, rhinestones, pearls, or beads are added to enhance the overall mermaid theme and provide a touch of sparkle and shimmer.

Additional Accessories: Some Mermaid Mouse Ears Headbands have additional accessories attached, such as small seashells, starfish, or mermaid-inspired trinkets, which further enhance the mermaid aesthetic.

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Hand-made headbands, perfect Christmas hair accessories costumes headwear for kids, the unique design of glitter mouse ears little cute mouse pattern make you stand out from Christmas party masquerade and cosplay, more elegant and charming.

The unique shape that our designers have crafted will make you stand out and different, and become a dazzling light in the parties. It also can be a very special gift to your families and friends which can also bring unexpected surprises to them.

Color: Light purple, light green, golden
Material: High quality flexible headband. Suitable for kids and adult. Very comfortable to wear
ears height: 8.38cm (3.3 inch)
headband diameter: 11.43cm (4.5 inch)
Note: Hand Wash Only


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Party Mermaid Mouse Ears Headbands
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