Red Cartoon Parrot Inflatable Costume – Perfect for Advertising, Performances, Parties

Eye-Catching Design: Stand out from the crowd with this vibrant Red Cartoon Parrot Inflatable Costume. Its colorful feathers and adorable parrot face will instantly catch everyone’s attention at commercial advertising events, performances, and parties.

Premium Quality: Crafted with high-quality materials, this inflatable costume is durable and long-lasting. It features reinforced stitching and a reliable air-filled fan to ensure optimal inflation and stability during use.

Easy to Use: The costume is easy to inflate and deflate, thanks to the included air-filled fan. Simply plug it in, and the costume will fully inflate in seconds. The fan operates quietly and efficiently, allowing you to wear the costume comfortably for extended periods.

Comfortable Fit: Designed for children, this new edition of the costume offers a comfortable fit with ample room for movement. It features elasticated openings at the neck, arms, and legs, providing a secure and adjustable fit for different body sizes.

Versatile Usage: This inflatable parrot costume is not only perfect for commercial advertising campaigns but also ideal for performances, parties, Halloween, and other festive occasions. It adds a touch of fun and excitement to any event, making it a hit with both kids and adults.

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1. Battery Requirement: Please note that this Red Cartoon Parrot Inflatable Costume requires 4 AA batteries to operate the built-in fan for inflation. Batteries are not included in the package, so make sure to have them ready before use.

2. Suitable for Children: This costume is designed specifically for children, providing a fun and exciting experience for kids at various events and parties. It is not recommended for adult use.

3. Safety Precautions: While wearing the costume, ensure that the fan is properly connected and functioning to maintain inflation. Avoid placing the fan in a pocket or obstructing its airflow to prevent overheating. It’s essential to monitor children wearing the costume to ensure their safety and comfort.

4. USB Charger Option: Instead of using batteries, you have the option to power the costume’s fan with a small USB charger. Simply connect the USB charger to the costume’s fan and enjoy continuous inflation without worrying about battery replacement.

5. Secure Fit: Before putting on the costume, make sure to tighten the drawstrings and adjust the costume’s straps for a secure and comfortable fit. This will ensure proper inflation and prevent the costume from shifting during use.

6. Optimal Inflation: For the best appearance, tighten the outer ring around the costume’s head to hold the air in and maintain a full and inflated look. If the costume seems underinflated, loosen the ring and adjust the fan’s position to better inflate the head.

7. Care and Storage: After use, carefully deflate the costume and fold it for storage. Store it in a cool and dry place to prolong its lifespan. Avoid exposing the costume to excessive heat or sharp objects that could damage the material.

Make the Red Cartoon Parrot Inflatable Costume a part of your child’s next exciting adventure or party, and let their imagination soar to new heights!


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Red Cartoon Parrot Inflatable Costume – Perfect for Advertising, Performances, Parties
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