Snail Inflatable Costume – Fun Prop for Performances and Gatherings

Eye-Catching Design: Stand out at school performances, family gatherings, and kids’ shows with this adorable Snail Inflatable Costume. It’s sure to grab everyone’s attention and create a fun-filled atmosphere.
Easy to Inflate: The costume features an easy-to-use inflatable design. Simply use the included air pump to inflate it in no time. It’s hassle-free and doesn’t require any additional tools or accessories.
Comfortable Fit: Made from high-quality materials, this Snail Inflatable Costume ensures a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience. It is designed to fit most adults and children, allowing for easy movement and flexibility.
Versatile Use: Whether you’re performing on stage, attending a family gathering, or entertaining kids at a party, this costume is perfect for various occasions. It serves as a fantastic prop for role-playing, skits, and more.
Durable and Long-lasting: Crafted with durability in mind, this Snail Inflatable Costume is built to withstand hours of use. It is made from sturdy materials that can withstand light bumps and scrapes, ensuring it will last for multiple events.
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Safety First: Ensure the safety of yourself and others by following these guidelines. This costume is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be worn in hazardous environments or near open flames.
Easy Battery Operation: The Snail Inflatable Costume requires 4 AA batteries (not included) to power the built-in fan. Make sure to insert the batteries correctly and securely for optimal performance.
Proper Inflation: To fully inflate the costume, make sure the fan is securely attached and the costume is properly sealed. Avoid over-inflating or under-inflating the costume to maintain its shape and appearance.
Comfortable Wearing: Adjust the straps and fastenings of the costume to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Avoid wearing the costume for extended periods of time to prevent discomfort or overheating.
Mind Your Surroundings: Be mindful of your surroundings while wearing the Snail Inflatable Costume, especially in crowded areas. Ensure there is enough space to move freely and avoid bumping into objects or people.
Care and Maintenance: After use, gently clean the costume with a damp cloth and mild detergent, if necessary. Allow it to fully dry before storing it in a cool and dry place to prevent mold or damage.
Adult Supervision: Children should always be supervised while wearing or playing near the Snail Inflatable Costume. Ensure they understand how to safely use and enjoy the costume without any risks.


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Snail Inflatable Costume – Fun Prop for Performances and Gatherings
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