2 Pcs Glitter American Flag Bow Mouse Ear Headbands

Design: The headbands feature the iconic mouse ears design, made of foam or a similar material. The ears may be covered in a solid color, such as black, red, or blue, to represent the traditional mouse ear appearance.

Glitter American Flag Bow: Each headband includes a large bow, typically made of glittery fabric, adorned with an American flag design. The flag design incorporates the red, white, and blue colors, along with stars and stripes, representing the United States flag.

Material: The glitter American flag bow mouse ear headbands are made of a flexible and comfortable material like plastic or fabric-covered metal. They are designed to be lightweight and adjustable for a secure fit.

Size: The glitter American flag bow mouse ear headbands are adjustable to accommodate different head sizes, making them suitable for both children and adults.

Versatility: The Glitter American Flag Bow Mouse Ear Headbands are perfect for celebrating patriotic holidays such as Independence Day (4th of July) in the United States. They can be worn to show your national pride at parades, fireworks displays, parties, or other festive events.

Quantity: The “2 Pcs” in the product description suggests that the set includes two identical or coordinating headbands. This allows you to share or wear them with a friend or family member.

Popularity: Headbands with themed bows, especially those with glitter and patriotic designs, have gained popularity as fun and festive accessories for special occasions. They offer a playful and stylish way to celebrate national holidays.

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Enjoy a Significant Day with These Great Deluxe Mouse Ears Headband at 4th of July.

Made of soft plush material, sturdy, comfortable to wear, can stay on your head well without slipping off.

Plastic ordinary headbands adopt classic character design, and add inspiration of American Flag, make it into a mice ear signature style hairband with magical meaning.

Adorable mouse ear bow head bands, perfect for most occasions. Such as 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day or Parades. This is perfect for showing your American pride and patriotic spirit.

It also suitable for daily wear, theme park accessories, princess cosplay costumes etc.Suitable for adult, children, kids, women, girls, boys etc.Suitable for adult, children, kids, women, girls, boys etc.

Package include 2 different colors headband, you can choose one of to match your outfits, or share it with your lover, sitster, friends, family members.

Color: Blue, red
Material: Polyester fabric
Bow approx5.2inch (about 13.2CM)
Ears approx3.3inch (about 8.5CM)
Crown approx8.8 inches (about 22.4CM)
High approx7.6 inches(about 19.3CM)
Theme: Princess Accessories
Style: Princess Party Supplies
Suggested Age: 4-12+ Years
Package Includes:
2 x Glitter American flag bow mouse ear headbands

Due to the different monitors or the photo lightings , sometimes the color of the picture we showed would be little different with real one. Please refer to the real subject.Size:


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2 Pcs Glitter American Flag Bow Mouse Ear Headbands
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