30pcs Halloween Realistic Plastic Spider Prop

Realistic appearance: The spiders are crafted to closely resemble actual spiders, with detailed body structures, multiple legs, and creepy features. They are designed to create a realistic and eerie atmosphere.

Lifelike colors: The spiders feature lifelike colors, such as shades of black, to enhance their realistic appearance. Some spiders even have patterns or markings to mimic real spider species.

Durable materials: The props are made from high-quality and durable materials, ensuring that they can withstand repeated use and storage. This allows you to reuse them for future Halloween events or parties.

Bendable legs: The spiders’ legs are typically made of flexible material, such as plastic, that can be bent and posed in various positions. This feature allows for customization and creativity when it comes to setting up your spooky scenes.

Indoor and outdoor use: The prop spiders are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on your Halloween decor plans. Whether you want to create a haunted house atmosphere or a spooky outdoor display, these spiders can add a chilling touch to any area.

Versatile use: The spiders can be used in various Halloween-themed setups, such as haunted houses, Halloween parties, costume parties, or as part of a DIY Halloween decoration project. Their realistic appearance and multiple quantity make them suitable for large-scale displays or scattering them around to surprise your guests.

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Fun Halloween Party Starts Here ! ! !
Muzboo plastic spiders almost exactly simulate real spiders and these fake spiders look very realistic.
Black color small size toys for prank
Uses for kids & adults,prank or party decoration
Fool your friends, use over and over,very interesting

Size: 1.6x2inches (4x5cm)
Color: Black (Red eyes)
Weight: 1.8g (0.07 ounces)
Quantity: 30 pieces spider
Features: Red eyes,Realistic,Light weight, easy to carry
Whether you can put on the spider web: Yes
Suitable for scenes: Halloween, April Fool’s Day, prank party, office, home, indoor and outdoor


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30pcs Halloween Realistic Plastic Spider Prop30pcs Halloween Realistic Plastic Spider Prop
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