5PCS Halloween Zombie Hand Ghost Hand Prop

The 5PCS Halloween Zombie Hand Ghost Hand Prop is a set of spooky and creepy decorations commonly used during Halloween.

The prop features five realistic and detailed zombie or ghost hands. These hands are crafted to resemble decaying and skeletal appendages, adding a frightening and eerie touch to your Halloween decorations.

Versatile Placement: The hands are designed with a flat base, allowing you to place them on various surfaces such as tabletops, shelves, or even stick them into the ground to create the illusion of hands emerging from the earth.

Durable Materials: The prop is made from durable plasticmaterials like or latex to ensure they can withstand indoor and outdoor conditions.

Realistic Size: The hands are sized to be realistic, resembling human hands in their proportions, making them more convincing and eerie in your Halloween setup.

Easy to Use: The prop is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, making it simple to set up and arrange in your desired locations.

Versatility: The 5PCS Halloween Zombie Hand Ghost Hand Prop can be used in various ways. You can scatter them around your Halloween display, place them in different areas, or incorporate them into a larger haunted scene.

Spooky Ambiance: The zombie or ghost hands create a creepy and spooky ambiance, perfect for haunted house setups, Halloween parties, or just to give your home a chilling atmosphere during the Halloween season.

Scary and Mature Decorations: Due to their realistic and gory appearance, the Zombie Hand Ghost Hand Prop is more suitable for mature Halloween displays and events.

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The 5 Pack black hand yard signs are perfect for outdoor Halloween decorations, such as yard, garden, lawn, it’s novelty, scary, create Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween black hand decorations are easy to set up, you just need to insert 2 metal stakes into the yard sign, and another end insert into the lawn, that’s your special Halloween decor.

Wide range of application for Halloween outdoor decoration, such as garden, sidewalk lawn yard, etc.

Horrible Halloween decorations: this courtyard warning sign is suitable for Halloween outdoor decorations, weird entertainment, weird parties, haunted house parties and other scary theme yard or lawn decorations, add Halloween horror atmosphere, make your house weird and scare your unsuspecting guests

Material: Plastic
Size: about 4.8×15.7inches (12.3x40cm)
Color: Black
Package included:
5PCS Halloween Zombie Hand Ghost Hand Prop


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5PCS Halloween Zombie Hand Ghost Hand Prop5PCS Halloween Zombie Hand Ghost Hand Prop
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