Captain Steampunk Rivet Style Sequin Jazz Hat

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Design: The hat is designed in a jazz-inspired style, featuring a rounded crown and a short brim. It have a structured shape or a more relaxed, slouchy appearance. The design incorporates elements of steampunk aesthetics, such as gears, cogs, and industrial-inspired details.

Rivet Detailing: The hat feature rivets or metal studs strategically placed along the brim or crown, adding a touch of edginess and an industrial feel. The rivets are made from metal or metallic-colored materials to create a visual contrast against the hat’s base color.

Sequins: Sequins are incorporated into the design of the hat, adding a glamorous and attention-grabbing element. They can be scattered throughout the hat or arranged in specific patterns, such as stripes or swirls. The sequins have a reflective or iridescent quality, enhancing the hat’s visual appeal.

Steampunk Influence: The hat draws inspiration from the steampunk genre, known for its fusion of Victorian-era fashion and futuristic elements. This influence can be seen in the use of gears, cogs, and other mechanical details that give the hat a distinct steampunk aesthetic.

Versatility: While the hat is associated with steampunk-themed events or costumes, it can also be worn for other occasions where a bold and unique accessory is desired. It can complement a variety of outfits, including costumes, cosplay ensembles, or as a statement piece for fashion-forward individuals.

The Captain Steampunk Rivet Style Sequin Jazz Hat is a unique and stylish accessory that blends elements of steampunk fashion, rivet detailing, sequins, and jazz-inspired design. Its bold and eye-catching features make it a standout accessory for steampunk events, cosplay, or fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement.

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The hats are handmade, dulex and durable, the goggles are removable and wearable.

Inner has elastic chin band to make the hat stay well and comfortable to wear.

Mardi gras costume accessories top hat for Ren Faire Carnival,Music Festival,Rhinestone Birthday Hat,Bachelorette Party.

Great for steampunk mad hatter cosplay,halloween costume,gay party,burning man,theatrical production,Disco Hat Rave.

Material:plastic and fabric,Sequin,rhinestones,gears
Color: As Shown witch prop
Head circumference: 58~60cm/22.8~23.6inch (Standard adult size)
Packing list:
1 x Captain Steampunk Rivet Style Sequin Jazz Hat
Note: Hand Wash Only


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Captain Steampunk Rivet Style Sequin Jazz Hat
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