Funny Party Crazy Styles Squid Hat

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Squid Tentacles: The hat is designed to resemble a squid, complete with long tentacles that dangle down from the sides. These tentacles wiggle and move with every step you take, adding an element of silliness to your outfit.

Eye-catching Colors: The Squid Hat comes in vibrant and eye-catching colors like neon pink, electric blue, and lime green. The bright colors ensure that you’ll stand out in a crowd and instantly become the life of the party.

Adjustable Fit: The hat is adjustable to fit heads of various sizes, making it suitable for both kids and adults. No matter the shape or size of your head, you can easily wear this amusing hat and join in on the fun.

Soft and Lightweight: Despite its playful appearance, the Squid Hat is made from soft and lightweight materials, ensuring comfort throughout the party. You can wear it for hours without feeling any discomfort or heaviness on your head.

Interactive Tentacles: Each tentacle of the Squid Hat is equipped with a hidden feature—a small squeeze bulb. When squeezed, these bulbs emit a gentle spray of water, surprising and amusing anyone nearby. You can use them for playful water fights or simply to add an extra touch of hilarity to the party.

Versatile Use: The Squid Hat isn’t limited to parties alone. It can be worn at various events such as costume parties, parades, Halloween, beach parties, or even as a funny photo prop. Its versatility allows you to unleash your creativity and bring laughter wherever you go.

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Have a Great Day of Fun at the Beach or at any Colorful Theme party with a Fun Squid Hat.

These Novelty Squid Hats Feature Bulging Eyes and Striped Tentacles in a Variety of Fun Colors.

A Great Accessory for any Adult Funny Squid Costume, This Hat Steals the Show.

A Squid Hat is a Great Ocean-Side Novelty Hat. They Have Soft Materials for a Comfortable Fit.

A Fun Novelty Hat, a Squid is a Great Accessory for Halloween and Theme Parties. Choose a Different Colored Hat for Each Holiday.

Color: As shown in the figure
Aterial: Velvet
Size:One size fits all
Package Include
1 x Hat
Note: Hand Wash Only


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Funny Party Crazy Styles Squid Hat
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