Halloween 2Pcs Rainbow Printed Cowboy Hat

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Design: The hats feature a classic cowboy hat design with a wide brim and a tall crown. They are made from sturdy materials to maintain their shape, such as felt or straw.

Rainbow Print: The standout feature of this set is the rainbow print that covers the entire surface of the hats.The rainbow design consists of vibrant and colorful stripes, creating a lively and eye-catching appearance.

Material: The hats are made from lightweight and durable materials like quality cotton.This ensures that they are comfortable to wear while also providing durability for multiple uses.

Size: The hats are designed to be one size fits most, with an adjustable strap or inner band that allows for a customizable fit.

Versatility: The Rainbow Printed Cowboy Hat set is a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions. It can be worn as part of a Halloween costume, a pride parade or event, a music festival, or any festive celebration where a touch of rainbow-themed fun is desired.

Set of 2: The set includes two hats, allowing you to share them with a friend, use them as a couple’s costume, or have a backup option. This adds flexibility to your costume choices and allows for coordination with a partner or group.

The Halloween 2Pcs Rainbow Printed Cowboy Hat set is a cheerful and lively accessory that embraces the spirit of celebration and self-expression.With their vibrant rainbow print, these hats are sure to make a statement and add a playful touch to your Halloween or party outfit.

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Protect sensitive scalp from Ultraviolet. Foldable, Lightweight, make it easy to stuff in your bag or pocket

We want you to have a great hat that’s always ready for on-the-go, outfit matching,gay pride celebrations, custom personalized works,streetwear, vacations, and so much more

Material: 100% quality cotton
Color: Iridescent
Size: 12x14x5.5inch (31x35x14cm)
Package Include:
2 Pack Rainbow hat,LGBT face rainbow temporary arm tattoo stickers set


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Halloween 2Pcs Rainbow Printed Cowboy Hat
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