Halloween Big Mouth Josh Mask Prop

Design: The prop could feature a larger-than-life mouth, exaggerated teeth, and a creepy or comical expression. It could be designed to resemble a monstrous creature, a clown, or any other Halloween-inspired character.

Material: Props like this are made of lightweight materials such as PVC. These materials allow for easy handling and durability.

Sound or Motion: To enhance the interactive and immersive nature of the prop, you could incorporate sound effects or motion-activated features. This could include a moving jaw, laughter, screams, or other eerie noises.

Lighting effects: Adding LED lights or other lighting elements to the prop can create a more dramatic and captivating visual impact. You can use eerie colors like green or purple to enhance the Halloween atmosphere.

Placement: The prop can be placed as a standalone piece or integrated into larger displays, such as haunted houses, front yard setups, or themed party decorations.

Versatility: Depending on the design and theme of the big mouth prop, it can be used in various Halloween settings, including haunted houses, parties, outdoor displays, or as part of a spooky photo booth setup.

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According to the Game Character design, cool expressions,which is soft,vivid and life like images,If you are an Game fan, I believe you will like it.

This smile makes for a great birthday present, stocking stuffer, Halloween, Christmas, Cosplay, carnival, fancy dress party and or special present for any other holidays for family and friends.

Material: PVC
Color: Green
Size: 9.8×7.3inches (25×18.5cm)
Package Includes:
1 x Halloween Prop


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Halloween Big Mouth Josh Mask PropHalloween Big Mouth Josh Mask Prop
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