Halloween Bloody Sickle Weapon Prop

Realistic sickle design: Make sure the prop resembles a sickle, which is a curved agricultural tool with a long handle and a blade with a crescent shape. Pay attention to the shape and proportions of the sickle to make it recognizable.

Bloody blade and handle: Create the illusion of blood by applying red paint or a non-toxic fake blood solution to the blade and handle of the sickle. You can also add streaks or drips of blood for a more gruesome effect. Ensure that the materials used are safe and won’t easily rub off.

Distressed and aged look: Give the sickle prop a worn and weathered appearance to add to its menacing nature. Consider adding fake rust, scratches, or discoloration to simulate years of use and neglect.

Safe construction: Ensure that the sickle prop is made from lightweight and safe materials. Consider using plastic that won’t pose a risk of injury. Safety should be a priority when creating props, especially those that resemble weapons.

Indoor and outdoor use: Halloween Bloody Sickle Weapon Props are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on your Halloween decor plans. Whether you want to create a haunted house atmosphere or a spooky outdoor display, these Hand Props can add a chilling touch to any area.

Versatile use: Halloween Bloody Sickle Weapon Props can be used in various Halloween-themed setups, such as haunted houses, Halloween parties, costume parties, or as part of a DIY Halloween decoration project. Their realistic appearance and multiple quantity make them suitable for large-scale displays or scattering them around to surprise your guests.


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The Bloody Sickle Weapon Prop is perfect for costumes of zombies or Khal Drogo.

Ideal for Halloween for a scarecrow or gargoyle decoration, or as a hillbilly costume accessory.

To complete the Khal Drogo costume, you would need a wig, beard, medallion belt, and pants.

Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Material: Plastic
Size: length x width: 14.5x5inches (37x13cm)
The plastic knife length: 15inch (37cm)
blade length: 9inch (23cm)
crossbone handle: 5.5inch (14cm)
Color: Silver, black, red
Package Include:
1 x Halloween Bloody Sickle Weapon Prop

Note: Hand Wash Only


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Halloween Bloody Sickle Weapon PropHalloween Bloody Sickle Weapon Prop
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