Halloween Novelty Latex Sausage Mouth Mask Prop

Material: The mask is made of latex, which is a flexible and durable material commonly used in costume design. Latex allows for intricate detailing and provides a realistic texture.

Sausage Mouth Design: The mask is designed to resemble a large sausage or hot dog, featuring a long, cylindrical shape with rounded ends. The front portion of the mask represents the sausage, while the back has an opening for the wearer’s mouth.

Lifelike Details: The mask may have realistic detailing, including textured skin resembling a cooked sausage, visible grill marks, and even condiment accents like mustard or ketchup. These details contribute to the overall comical effect.

Comfort and Breathability: Good-quality latex masks feature strategically placed openings for the wearer’s mouth, nose, and eyes to provide sufficient ventilation and visibility. This ensures a comfortable experience while wearing the mask.

Playful Expression: The mask has a comical expression, with the sausage-shaped mouth giving the illusion of an exaggerated grin or laugh. This adds to the overall humor and lightheartedness of the mask.

Versatility: The sausage mouth mask can be a standalone costume or combined with other Halloween outfits to create a unique and amusing look. It works well with food-themed costumes, comedic characters, or as a playful accessory for any Halloween party.

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Our special new red-mouthed banana man mask is spacious enough, and the mask size is suitable for adults or teenagers.

Our banana man mask with red lips with blush face looks very funny and hilarious, bring it to the party, people will be attracted.

Banana Man mask is made of 100% natural latex, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. If you find an odor, please put it in a ventilated place. This is the normal smell of latex.

Our funny banana full head mask looks very realistic. It’s perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras, costume parties, tag parties or just going to a nightclub. Plus, you can find even more fun uses for it.

Material: Latex
Size: 19.6×11.8inches (50x30cm)
Color: Green, white, red
Package Includes:
1 x Halloween prop


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Halloween Novelty Latex Sausage Mouth Mask PropHalloween Novelty Latex Sausage Mouth Mask Prop
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