Halloween Child Badge Barown Cowboy Hat

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Design: The hat is designed to resemble a classic cowboy hat, with a western-style look and feel. It typically has a wide brim and a tall crown, creating an iconic cowboy hat shape.

Material: The hat is made from durable and lightweight materials such as polyester. This materials allow the hat to withstand wear and tear while providing comfort for children.

Color: The hat comes in a light brown color, which is a common and traditional choice for cowboy hats. This color gives it an authentic cowboy look.

Badge or Emblem: One of the distinctive features of this hat is the inclusion of a badge or emblem on the front. This badge can vary and might feature symbols like a sheriff’s badge, a star, or other cowboy-themed designs. The badge adds a touch of authenticity to the cowboy hat and enhances the overall look.

Size: The hat is designed specifically for children, so it should fit comfortably on their heads. The size may vary depending on the manufacturer, so it’s important to check the product description or packaging for specific size information.

Versatility: The cowboy hat can be worn as part of a cowboy or cowgirl costume during Halloween or other dress-up occasions. It pairs well with cowboy-themed outfits, such as jeans, plaid shirts, vests, and boots, allowing children to embody the spirit of the Wild West.

The Halloween Child Badge Brown Cowboy Hat is a fun and exciting accessory for children to wear during Halloween or other costume events. It allows them to role-play as cowboys or cowgirls and adds an extra element of adventure and imagination to their Halloween experience.

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This Child Cowboy Hat w/Badge includes one hat. You’ll be the most feared Sheriff in town this Halloween when you pick up the Cowboy Badge and Hat Kit for Child! With your purchase, you will receive a high quality cowboy hat with a badge crested on the front. With this special hat on, your child will be riding horses, throwing lassos, and taking down evildoers in no time! Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your cowboy costume and accessory needs! One Size.

Material: 100% Polyester
Size: One size Fits most
Color: Light brown
Includes: 1 x Hat
Note:Hand Wash Only


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Halloween Child Badge Barown Cowboy Hat
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