Halloween Creepy Reaper Skull Scythe Prop

Design: The prop consists of a skeletal or skull-themed Reaper figure holding a scythe. The design aims to create a sinister and macabre representation of the iconic Grim Reaper, a symbol of death and the afterlife.

Material: The prop is made of lightweight and durable materials such as plastic. These materials allow for intricate details and a realistic appearance while ensuring easy handling and stability.

Scary details: The prop feature eerie details such as a skull face with hollow eye sockets, bony hands, tattered robes, and a menacing scythe. These details contribute to the overall scare factor and enhance the chilling ambiance.

Visual impact: The prop aims to make a strong visual impact with its combination of dark and foreboding elements. The contrast between the skull, the Reaper’s attire, and the scythe creates an intimidating and haunting presence.

Versatility: The creepy Reaper skull scythe prop can be used in various Halloween settings, such as haunted houses, outdoor displays, front yards, or as part of a spooky-themed photo booth or party setup. It adds a sense of foreboding and mortality to your Halloween decor.

Safety considerations: While the prop is intended for visual effect rather than actual use, it’s important to handle it responsibly. Ensure that the prop does not have any sharp edges or points that could cause injury, and position it in a way that avoids potential hazards.

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You can take the cosplay scythe with skull as a gift to your lover, friends or families, suitable for attending Halloween party or costume party, making the gift receiver the spotlight of the party

With relatively light weight and realistic shape, this Halloween cosplay scythe can be a nice costume accessory for Halloween party, costume party, cosplay, stage performance, etc.

Material: Plastic
Size: 37 x 12.8 x 5.1inches ( 94 x 32.5 x 13 cm )
Weight: 0.11 kg
Color: as shown in the pictures
Package includes:
1 x Halloween scythe with skulls

Warm notice:
Please allow slight errors on size, due to manual measurement.
Suitable for people over 12 years old.


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Halloween Creepy Reaper Skull Scythe PropHalloween Creepy Reaper Skull Scythe Prop
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