Halloween Scary Pumpkin Monster Mask Prop

The Halloween scary pumpkin monster mask prop, a spine-chilling addition to your Halloween decorations that will transform any ordinary pumpkin into a horrifying creature of the night.

This prop features a realistic and menacing pumpkin monster mask. Crafted with intricate details, the mask showcases a terrifying combination of a monstrous face and a jack-o’-lantern. The pumpkin’s flesh is rotting and decayed, with jagged, twisted teeth protruding from its mouth. Its fiery, glowing eyes emit an eerie light that pierces through the darkness, adding to the overall scare factor.

The mask is designed to be worn over a pumpkin, allowing you to instantly transform an ordinary pumpkin into a frightful creature. Simply carve a face into the pumpkin, place it underneath the mask, and watch as the pumpkin comes to life with an otherworldly and menacing presence.

To enhance the eerie ambiance, the prop can be equipped with sound effects. When activated, it emits chilling screams, sinister laughter, or ghostly whispers, creating an immersive experience that will send shivers down the spines of your Halloween guests.

Made from durable materials, this prop is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand various weather conditions, allowing you to display it with confidence in any Halloween setting.

Whether used as a standalone prop or incorporated into a larger scene, the Halloween scary pumpkin monster mask prop will be the highlight of your decorations. With its terrifying features and customizable pumpkin transformation, it will create an unforgettable and fear-inducing experience for all who encounter it.

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Whether you are so exciting of Halloween coming or not? Oh, Please wear such funny mask ,enjoy your unique and active rave party. Real cosplay design, It can Give others a unique feeling.

Is made from 100% natural latex, environmental friendly and non-toxic, it is sturdy but not bulky. Well-made, colorful, and highly restored to the original.

Wide Vision and Breathable: See and breathe through the nose /mouth hole without any impediment.

Multifunction and Wide Use: Halloween Pumpkin head mask is perfect for a fun Halloween, Easter, Carnival, Costume parties, tag party or simply for going to a night club. create your own unique outfit with this realistic face cover. this will add a happier and more active atmosphere to you.


Product: Pumpkin Head Cover
Material: Latex
Weight: About 215g
Size: About 10.2x13x11inches (26x33x28cm)
Color: Orange
Packing List:
1*Pumpkin Head Cover

Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is a color difference in the product, please understand.
Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.
Since the product is made of latex material, there is a latex taste that cannot be avoided. Basically all latex products will be. If you mind, please don’t buy. Thank you for your understanding.


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Halloween Scary Pumpkin Monster Mask PropHalloween Scary Pumpkin Monster Mask Prop
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