Halloween Creepy Space Alien Crite Plush Dolls Prop

Design: The prop consists of plush dolls designed to resemble creepy space alien critters. The design aims to create an eerie and unsettling appearance, with unique and otherworldly features inspired by extraterrestrial creatures.

Material: The dolls are made of soft and plush materials such as resin, pp cotton or plush. This choice of material provides a huggable and tactile texture while maintaining durability for long-lasting use.

Creepy details: The plush doll props feature creepy and unsettling details such as large eyes, sharp teeth, bizarre appendages, or unique alien markings. These details contribute to the overall eerie and otherworldly aesthetic of the props.

Versatility: The creepy space alien critter plush dolls can be used in various Halloween settings, such as haunted houses, alien-themed displays, or as part of a spooky-themed photo booth or party setup. They add an element of mystery and fascination to your Halloween decor.

Interactivity: While the plush doll props do not include interactive features, you can get creative by incorporating sound effects, using them as hand puppets, or positioning them in interactive displays.

Appeal to all ages: The plush doll props can be suitable for both children and adults, depending on the intended level of scare and the overall theme of your Halloween setup. They can be used to create a sense of wonder and intrigue for all ages.

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Material: Resin, pp Cotton, plush.
Size: height: 5.1×4.7×9.8inches (13X12X25cm)
Color: Brown,green
Package Includes:
1x Halloween Doll.


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Halloween Creepy Space Alien Crite Plush Dolls PropHalloween Creepy Space Alien Crite Plush Dolls Prop
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