Halloween Evil Led Light Up Pumpkin Prop

LED Lights: The pumpkin prop is equipped with built-in LED lights that illuminate the pumpkin from within. These lights typically emit an eerie orange or green glow, creating a haunting effect.

Evil or Scary Design: The prop is designed to resemble a wicked or sinister pumpkin face, with exaggerated features like menacing eyes, a twisted grin, and sharp teeth. The goal is to create a spooky and menacing appearance that adds to the Halloween atmosphere.

Realistic Texture: The prop feature a textured surface that mimics the appearance of a real pumpkin. This adds to the authenticity of the prop and makes it more visually appealing.

Durable Construction: Halloween props are made from sturdy materials such as plastic to withstand outdoor use and potential exposure to the elements. This ensures that the prop can be used for multiple Halloween seasons.

Battery-Powered: The LED lights are powered by batteries, making the prop portable and allowing you to place it anywhere you desire without the need for electrical outlets. The battery compartment is usually located at the bottom of the prop for easy access.

Light-Up Effects: Some props offer additional light-up effects, such as flickering or pulsating lights, to create a more dynamic and spooky display. These effects can enhance the overall creepiness of the prop and attract attention.

Easy Setup: Most pumpkin props come pre-assembled, requiring minimal setup. You need to insert the batteries, activate the lights, and find a suitable spot to place the prop.

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This sinister looking pumpkin measures, Guests will love the fine details on this pumpkin which make it appear to be alive.

Battery powered jack-o-lantern, is the perfect spooky Halloween decoration to add to your lawn, garden or porch and is sure to give your trick-or-treaters a scare.

Transform any house or indoor location into an unforgettable experience with the Light Up Evil Pumpkin not just for Halloween but for other special occasions and Indoor or Covered Outdoor Display.

Material: Plastic,PVC
Size: 13.8×9.8×11.8inches (35x25x30cm)
Color: Orange
Package Including:
1 x Halloween Led Light Up Pumpkin Prop
3 x AAA 300 mAh Button Battery


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Halloween Evil Led Light Up Pumpkin PropHalloween Evil Led Light Up Pumpkin Prop
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