Halloween Party Supplies Horror Eyeball Headband

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Eyeball Design: The horror eyeball headband features one or multiple eyeball designs. The eyeballs are often made to look creepy, eerie, or horror-inspired, with details such as bloodshot veins, dilated pupils, or discolored sclera.

Realistic Appearance: The eyeballs on the headbands are designed to resemble real human eyes, albeit in a more exaggerated and unsettling manner. The goal is to create a chilling or spooky effect.

Various Eye Colors: The horror eyeball headbands come in different eye colors to enhance the eerie aesthetic, such as red,white and black.

Lightweight Construction: The horror eyeball headband is made from foams, plume and cloth to ensure comfortable wear. It should not cause any discomfort or heaviness when worn for extended periods.

Adjustable or Stretchy Band: The horror eyeball headbands have an adjustable that allows for a secure and customizable fit. This ensures that the headband stays in place and accommodates different head sizes.

Versatile Usage: These horror eyeball headbands are used for Halloween parties, horror-themed events, haunted houses, or costume parties. They can be worn as part of a spooky costume or to add a creepy touch to any outfit.

Attention-Grabbing Accessory: The horror eyeball design on the headband is intended to be attention-grabbing and create a sense of intrigue or unease. It can serve as a statement piece or conversation starter.

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This horror eyeball headband is material, and it can be used for a long time. No matter when, where and what angle, it will let you look unique. Comfortable to wear, not easy to scratch the skin of the head. Can be used as a photo prop to take some good pics.

Color: Black
Material: Foams, Plume, Cloth
Size: 30.00X15.00X1.50cm(11.79X5.89X0.59in)

Material quality:
The material is safe and durable, which is wear resistance and practical for the long time use. It has a smooth surface that is comfortable for touching and wearing, but not easy to fall off.

Purpose and Applicable Occasion:
It also can be a decorative and memorable photo prop, and you can use it to take some interesting pics.Also, it can be a good gift choice for your friends, they will it very much. It also perfect costume accessory for banquet, gathering, party, performance, etc.

Package Including
1 x Horror eyeball headband


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Halloween Party Supplies Horror Eyeball Headband
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