Halloween Red Fake Tongue Prop

The Halloween Red Fake Tongue Prop is a creepy and tongue-in-cheek accessory used for Halloween costumes and decorations.

Realistic Appearance: The prop is designed to look like a human tongue, complete with textured surface, taste buds, and a fleshy appearance. The red color enhances the creepy and unsettling effect, making it appear more like a severed or monstrous tongue.

Soft and Flexible Material: The fake tongue is made from soft and flexible materials like vinyl. This ensures that it can be easily manipulated and positioned for different costume ideas or decoration setups.

Easy to Wear: For costumes, the prop comes with a means of attachment, such as a tongue shaped mouth, that allows you to wear it in your mouth.This creates the illusion of having an unnaturally long or bizarrely colored tongue.

Realistic Size: The fake tongue is sized to resemble a normal human tongue but may also come in exaggerated sizes for a more dramatic effect.

Versatile Use: The Halloween Red Fake Tongue Prop can be used in various costumes and setups. It works well with creepy characters, monsters, vampires, zombies, and any other outfit where a grotesque or shocking appearance is desired.

Halloween Decoration: In addition to costumes, the fake tongue can be used as part of Halloween decorations. For example, you can place it in a bowl or jar, create a spooky centerpiece, or use it to embellish a haunted house scene.

Safety Considerations: If the prop is intended to be worn in the mouth, it’s essential to ensure that it is made from safe and non-toxic materials. Additionally, it’s essential to follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding proper use and care.

Mature Theme: Due to its gruesome and unsettling appearance, the Halloween Red Fake Tongue Prop is more suitable for mature Halloween displays and events.

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This item is an artificial red long tongue, which is well- made of good material. Lifelike tongue design with exquisite detail makes it creative, the fun and atmosphere for the festival.

Made of premium and sturdy materials, safe and practical for long- lasting using time.

Wonderful decorative prop for your party, party, gathering etc.
You and your friends or families can enjoy the funny festival.

Lifelike tongue design with exquisite detail makes it creative, the fun and atmosphere for the festival.

Easy to complete your cosplay or performance of party.

Material: Vinyl
Size: About 7.47X2.04X0.20inches (19.00X5.20X0.50cm)
Color: Red
Package Including
2 x Long Tongue Props


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