Halloween Scary Zombie Prop

Get ready to unleash terror in your outdoor Halloween display with the spine-chilling outdoor Halloween scary zombie prop. This hauntingly realistic prop will transform your yard into a nightmarish zombie apocalypse.

Standing tall and menacing at approximately three feet, this life-sized zombie prop is crafted with intricate attention to detail. Its decaying flesh, rotting limbs, and sunken eyes create a ghastly and macabre appearance that is sure to send shivers down the spines of all who lay eyes on it.

Designed for outdoor use, this prop is made from durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring it remains a standout feature even in the darkest and stormiest nights. Its sturdy construction allows for stable placement in your yard or garden, ready to terrify anyone who dares to approach.

What sets this zombie prop apart is its eerie and interactive features. Equipped with motion sensors, it comes to life as unsuspecting victims draw near. The zombie’s eyes glow with a haunting light, while its body convulses with realistic movements, mimicking the jerky motions of the undead. Its bloodcurdling growls, moans, and gurgles pierce the night, creating an atmosphere of impending doom and dread.

For added effect, you can also enhance the prop with additional features such as fog machines or strategically placed lighting, casting an eerie glow on the zombie’s decaying features, further intensifying the fright factor.

Whether used as a standalone scare or incorporated into a larger haunted scene, the outdoor Halloween scary zombie prop will be the centerpiece of your Halloween display, ensuring a truly bone-chilling experience for all who encounter it.

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Trick-or-treaters will freak at the sight of the undead animated zombie Halloween outdoor decoration.

Voice Control, Swing Body, Sound around this Zombie will activate the creepy sound as its eyes glowing.

Bring spooky fun to your Halloween party with this great detailed undead Halloween skeleton groundbreaker appears to be breaking through the ground in your yard to set the perfect horror scene

Halloween decoration, Halloween prop for your home yard, graveyard scenes or Halloween party.

Material: Latex, plastic, and fabric.
Size: 40.5x30inches (103x76cm)
Color: White, red
Package Include
1 x Halloween Prop


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Halloween Scary Zombie PropHalloween Scary Zombie Prop
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