Halloween Scary Dead Victim Prop

Lifelike Appearance: The prop is designed to resemble a deceased or mutilated individual, creating a realistic and unsettling depiction. It feature details like pale or discolored skin, wounds, blood, or exposed bones to enhance the scary effect.

Materials: The prop is made from plastic materials that allow for lifelike textures and durability. These materials can contribute to the realistic appearance of wounds, bruises, or other unsettling features.

Posable or Bendable Limbs: Some dead victim props have posable or bendable limbs, allowing you to create different poses or arrangements. This feature adds versatility when setting up scenes or displays.

Lifelike Details and Accessories: The dead victim prop may include additional lifelike details, such as realistic clothing, or accessories. These elements contribute to the overall authenticity and create a more immersive experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Depending on the materials and construction, some dead victim props can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This allows for greater flexibility in decorating your home, yard, or haunted house setup.

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Halloween victim prop and black bag are made of plastic. The tape is made of aluminized film. Assembled Halloween props measure approx 4.92ft will add more surprise to your guest.

Simply blow up the victim prop with the pump (not included), put it in the black bag, and wrap the victim prop with silver tape. Awesome creepy prop for halloween crime scene to scare the trick or treaters.

The creepiest haunted house props for Halloween can be placed in your yard, graveyard, garden, bathtub, balcony or you can hang it on a tree, door, whatever you want place to decorate. It will help you make your Halloween decorations even more spooky.

Dead victim prop is a good choices for halloween decorations. You can use it to decor your halloween party, haunted house party, zombie vampire party, butcher shop scene, crime scene, butcher haunted house display or any themed halloween party etc.

Material: Plastic
Size: height: 55.8inch (152cm)
Color: Black
Package Including
1 x Uninflated dead victim prop
1 x Inflator


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Halloween Scary Dead Victim PropHalloween Scary Dead Victim Prop
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