Party Black Antenna Snail headband

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Antenna Design: The headband features two antenna-like structures that resemble snail’s antennas. These antennas are made of flexible wire or lightweight materials and are attached to the headband. The antennas add a quirky and eye-catching element to the headband.

Black Color: The antenna snail headband is predominantly black in color, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance. The black hue allows the antenna design to stand out and makes the headband easy to coordinate with various outfits and costumes.

Comfortable Fit: The black antenna snail headband is designed to provide a comfortable fit for most head sizes. It is constructed with a flexible band covered with soft fabric or cushioning to prevent any discomfort during wear. The lightweight materials used in the antenna design ensure that the headband is easy to wear for extended periods.

Versatile Usage: The black antenna snail headband is a versatile accessory suitable for a wide range of occasions. It is particularly popular for costume parties, Halloween events, or themed gatherings where a playful and unique headpiece is desired. It can also be worn as a fun accessory for festivals, concerts, or even just for a lighthearted touch to everyday outfits.

Easy to Style: This black antenna snail headband is effortless to style and can be worn with various hairstyles. Whether you have your hair down, in an updo, or in braids, the headband can be incorporated to create a fun and whimsical look. It instantly adds a playful element to your overall appearance.

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Are you looking for fancy costume accessories for your kids party or masquerade? Thats not a problem with this Antenna headband. This item is designed with snail Antenna for personalized decoration. Proper size ensures its applicability for most children comfortable to wear.

Makes your kids special, very funny decoration prop for party costume to create pleasant and interesting festival atmosphere.

It can really help to create special and memorable moments for you and your friends.

Great as costume props for kids party. With these headband, child will have more fun and excitement in the party.

Size: 22x19x2cm(8.66×7.48×0.79inches)
Color: black
Material: fabric
Package Including:
1 x black antenna snail headband


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Party Black Antenna Snail headband
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