Red Lobster Claw Bopper Headband

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Claw or Paw Design: The red lobster claw bopper headband feature claw or paw-shaped attachments that resemble animal paws or claws. The claws are made of soft, plush fabric materials. Red fabric claws attached to Boppers on a Snap-On Headband.

Headband Attachment:Lobster Claw Boppers are attached to a flexible headband that can be worn on the head. The headband is made of fabric and is designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods during parties or events.

Lightweight and Comfortable: The materials used in red lobster claw bopper headband are usually lightweight to ensure comfort during wear. They are designed to be easily worn on the head without causing discomfort or heaviness.

Fun and Playful: The red lobster claw bopper headband is meant to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to party outfits or costumes. They are popular for costume parties, themed events, or as accessories for festive occasions such as birthdays or Halloween.

Versatile Usage: Claw Boppers can be used by people of all ages, from children to adults. They can be worn as standalone accessories or incorporated into costumes or themed outfits. They are often used as photo booth props or as part of party favors.

Pack of Multiple Boppers: The red lobster claw bopper headband are often sold in packs containing multiple pieces. This allows for group activities, party favors, or sharing among friends or party attendees.

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Receive a Red Claw Bopper Headband. These Red Lobster Claw Boppers will be great to wear on your head for the next beach or luau themed party you plan to attend! They are made of Red Fabric and are One Size Fits Most. Perfect for Any Summer Party!

From New Year’s Eve Parties, Halloween and Fall Festivities, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Bashes, Graduation Get-Togethers, Baby Showers, Pool Parties, and more, our Novelty Items and Party Supplies are sure to add a pop of color and extra spice to any occasion.

Color: red
Sizes: 13cm x 24cm(5.12×9.45inches)
Details: Red Fabric Claws attached to Boppers on a Snap-On Headband
Inclubes: 1 Red Claw Bopper Headband


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Red Lobster Claw Bopper Headband
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