Rocket Inflatable Costume – Halloween School Performance Outfit

Unique Design: This Rocket Halloween Inflatable Costume is designed to bring fun and excitement to your Halloween celebrations. With its eye-catching rocket design, it’s sure to stand out and make you the center of attention.
Inflatable Costume: The costume features an inflatable design that allows you to easily inflate and wear it. Simply use the included air pump to inflate the costume in minutes, and you’re ready to go. It creates a striking visual effect that is both fun and impressive.
Perfect for Halloween: Whether you’re attending a school performance, a family gathering, or any Halloween-themed event, this Rocket Inflatable Costume is perfect for adding a touch of creativity and humor to your outfit. It’s suitable for both kids and adults, making it a versatile choice for the whole family.
Straight Walk Doll Outfit: The costume is designed to give the illusion of a straight walk doll, adding an extra element of entertainment to your Halloween experience. It’s comfortable to wear and allows for easy movement, so you can enjoy the festivities without any restrictions.
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– Battery Operation: Please note that this Rocket Halloween Inflatable Costume requires 4 AA batteries to power the built-in fan for inflation. Batteries are not included, so make sure to have them on hand before your event.
– Safety Precautions: While wearing the costume, please avoid sharp objects and be cautious of open flames or heat sources to prevent any potential damage. Keep a safe distance from fire pits, candles, and other sources of ignition.
– Comfortable Fit: Adjust the costume straps and tighten them as needed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Avoid over-tightening, as it may restrict movement or cause discomfort.
– Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use: This inflatable costume is suitable for both indoor and outdoor Halloween events. However, it’s recommended to avoid wearing it in heavy rain or strong winds, as it may affect the costume’s performance.
– Care Instructions: After use, gently deflate the costume and fold it carefully to ensure easy storage. Wipe clean any dirt or stains with a damp cloth, and allow it to fully dry before storing it in a cool, dry place.
– Adult Supervision: If children are wearing the costume, adult supervision is required, especially when using the battery-operated fan. Ensure that children are aware of their surroundings and can navigate safely while wearing the costume.

Get ready to take off and have a blast with this Rocket Halloween Inflatable Costume. It’s sure to add an extra element of fun and excitement to your Halloween festivities!


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Rocket Inflatable Costume – Halloween School Performance Outfit
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