Sea Animal Party Headband

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Shimmering Shell Delight: This sea animal party headband features an array of iridescent seashells intricately arranged to create a mesmerizing display of colors. The shells catch the light, casting a beautiful shimmer as the sea animals dance and mingle.

Coral Crown: Adorned with delicate coral branches, this sea animal party headband creates a regal and majestic look. The vibrant hues of the coral add a burst of color, perfectly complementing the underwater festivities.

Sparkling Gemstone Glam: For those sea animals who desire a touch of elegance, the sparkling gemstone headband is a perfect choice. It boasts an assortment of gemstones, reflecting and refracting light in a dazzling spectacle.

Marine Life Extravaganza: This headband celebrates the diverse marine life with tiny replicas of sea creatures, such as seahorses, starfish, and dolphins. It captures the whimsical essence of the Party Sea Animal Party, immersing the wearer in a world of enchantment.

Ribbon Cascade: Featuring cascading ribbons in various colors and patterns, this headband adds a playful and lively element to the festivities. The ribbons flutter and sway with every movement, creating a dynamic and vibrant visual display.

Floral Fantasy: Bursting with colorful blooms and foliage, the floral headband captures the essence of an underwater garden. It brings a sense of freshness and vitality to the festivities, infusing the party with natural beauty and charm.

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These sea animal party headband adorable & colorful headbands come with 12 pieces to let teenagers share the fun of dressing up.

Color: As shown in the picture
Material: felt
Sizes: 19.8cm x 17.78cm(7.8″x7″)
You will receive 12 adorable ocean animals, including sea horse, sea turtle, octopus, crab, bubble fish, starfish, shark, shell, lobster, jellyfish, clownfish and whale.
Package Including
12 x Sea animal party headband

12 different sea animals with vivid color; Our headbands are are purely handmade, durable enough for reuse. So our decoration set can be use after the birthday as props to take photos or as souvenir to hang it in your children bedroom.

Supporting facilities:
Our sea animals are matched with a one-size-fits-all stretch band that can comfortably fit toddlers, young children, teens and adults.


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Sea Animal Party Headband
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