1set Halloween Reaper Skull Axe Pitchfork Weapons Props

Design: The prop set includes two weapons: a reaper’s skull axe and a pitchfork weapon. Each weapon is designed to have a haunting and macabre appearance, fitting the theme of death and darkness.

Material: The props are made of lightweight and durable materials such as plastic. These materials allow for easy handling and safe use while providing a realistic appearance.

Realistic details: The props feature realistic details such as textured handles, worn or aged finishes, and skull or bone motifs. These details enhance the authenticity and visual impact of the weapons.

Versatility: The prop set can be used in various Halloween settings, such as haunted houses, costume parties, theatrical performances, or as part of a spooky-themed display. They add an element of danger and menace to your Halloween setup.

Safety considerations: While the props are intended for visual effect rather than actual use, it’s important to handle them responsibly. Ensure that the props do not have any sharp edges or points that could cause injury, and avoid swinging or using them aggressively to prevent accidents.

Interactivity: While the props do not include interactive features, you can get creative with their use by incorporating sound effects, lighting effects, or using them as part of interactive displays.

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Suitable for the children and to play, which will leave you an unforgettable Halloween plastic pitchfork prop.

Realistic design makes it more scary and interesting, a must-have prop during the Halloween juguetes adultos.

Perfectly match your Halloween costume or other clothing, bringing you more fun holiday.

The fake axe and pitchfork are made of high class material, you can use it for many times, year after year devil costume pitchfork.

Selected good material, no dangerous cutter edges, very safe to use cosplay axe for halloween.

Do you want to have an interesting Halloween ? If your answer is yes, our simulated axe and pitchfork prop is carefully prepared for you, made of high-grade plastic material, sturdy and practical for a long using. Fake pitchfork props, you deserve to have one. Halloween accessories a wonderful costume accessory for Halloween and other parties.

Material: Plastic
Size: 46.37X11.00X1inches (118.00X28.00X5.00cm)
Color: Red
Package List
1 × Halloween Pitchfork Prop
1 × Halloween Axe Prop



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1set Halloween Reaper Skull Axe Pitchfork Weapons Props1set Halloween Reaper Skull Axe Pitchfork Weapons Props
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