3pcs Halloween Lighted Black Spider Prop

The Halloween Lighted Black Spider Prop is a popular decoration used during the Halloween season to create a spooky atmosphere. Here are some features commonly associated with this prop:

Design: The prop features a large black spider, made of lightweight and durable materials such as plush, oam or wire. It is designed to resemble a realistic spider, with multiple legs and a menacing appearance. The size of the spider can vary, but it is often larger than real spiders to enhance the creepiness factor.

Lighting: One of the key features of the Halloween Lighted Black Spider Prop is its illumination. It is equipped with built-in LED lights, in the eyes or body of the spider, to create an eerie glowing effect. The lights can be a single color, such as red or green, or they may have a color-changing or flickering effect to enhance the spooky ambiance.

Indoor and outdoor use: The prop spiders are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on your Halloween decor plans. Whether you want to create a haunted house atmosphere or a spooky outdoor display, these spiders can add a chilling touch to any area.

Versatile use: The spiders can be used in various Halloween-themed setups, such as haunted houses, Halloween parties, costume parties, or as part of a DIY Halloween decoration project. Their realistic appearance and multiple quantity make them suitable for large-scale displays or scattering them around to surprise your guests.

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Be afraid. Be vary afraid of haunted hill’s Cobweb Collection. These blood curdling creatures are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, co-workers, or customers. The only thing scarier than one sinister spider is—you guessed it—three! This terrifying trio of light up creatures will make your home stand out on the street. Stake the foreboding figures in your front lawn to give each passerby a creepy crawly scare.

Material: Plush, Oam, wire
Size: 2.0ft (60cm)
Color: Black
Package Including:
3pcs Halloween Lighted Black Spider Prop


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3pcs Halloween Lighted Black Spider Prop3pcs Halloween Lighted Black Spider Prop
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