Cute Funny Yellow GoldenFish Headband

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Design: The headband is designed to resemble a golden fish, with a detailed and whimsical appearance. The golden fish have fins, scales, eyes, and other distinctive fish-like features.

Material: The yellow golden fish headband is made of polyester. Good material, high quality.

Color: Yellow or golden hues are commonly used for the fish headband, giving it a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. The color choice adds to the playful and whimsical nature of the accessory.

Size and Fit: The yellow golden fish headbands are designed to fit most head sizes, including adults and sometimes children. They may have an adjustable feature such as an elastic band to ensure a comfortable fit for different individuals.

Versatility: The yellow golden fish headband can be a fun accessory for various occasions, such as costume parties, under-the-sea-themed events, summer festivals, or even as a unique fashion statement. It can add a touch of playfulness and whimsy to your overall look.

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The yellow golden fish headband is a lovely hair accessory also a cute toy.I believe everyone will love this heartwarming headband.
Adjustable: one size fits all, you can share the cute ears with whole family.
Occasions: Party, Cosplay, Halloween, Festival Gifts and so on.

Weight: 1.41 OZ
Package includes: 1pcs yellow golden fish headband
Washing Instructions: hand wash in cold water, do not dry clean, do not bleach.


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Cute Funny Yellow GoldenFish Headband

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