Halloween Outdoor Scary Hanging Ghost Prop

Design: The prop depicts a ghostly figure with a flowing fabric or sheet-like appearance, creating the illusion of a floating or flying ghost. The design aims to evoke a chilling and ethereal presence.

Material: The ghost prop is made of lightweight and weather-resistant materials such as pvc plastic, polyester. These materials allow for easy hanging and durability, ensuring the prop can withstand outdoor conditions.

Scary details: The ghost prop feature details such as a creepy face, tattered edges, or hidden wires to give it a more eerie appearance. These details enhance the scare factor and contribute to the overall spooky atmosphere.

Hanging mechanism: The prop includes a hanging mechanism such as a string, loop, or hook that allows for easy attachment to trees, porches, eaves, or other outdoor structures. This ensures secure and stable placement, even in windy conditions.

Movement effects: Some hanging ghost props include features that create movement, such as wind-activated or battery-powered mechanisms. These mechanisms allow the prop to sway, float and emit ghostly sounds, enhancing the realism and spooky effect.

Versatility: The scary hanging ghost prop can be used in various outdoor settings, including front yards, gardens, porches, or trees. It adds an element of surprise and fright to your Halloween display, welcoming visitors with an eerie ambiance.

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Horror-scream and lighted-eyes ghost! This scary ghost hanging decoration must be a HUGE HIT for your Halloween party! They are suitable for hanging in dark corners around your house to spook your unsuspecting guests!

Easily to be fixed on tree, wall, veranda, porch and eaves by the fish thread at the top. They are suitable for Halloween party both indoor and outdoor.

Material: Pvc plastic, polyester
Size: 13.12×4.27ft
Color: Black
Package Include
1 x Ghost mask built in LED light-up eyes
1 x Polyester cloth.
(Items come pre-assembled by hand.)


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Halloween Outdoor Scary Hanging Ghost PropHalloween Outdoor Scary Hanging Ghost Prop
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