4D Halloween Aluminum Film Eyeball Prop

Design: The prop is designed to resemble a large eyeball, representing a classic Halloween symbol. It may feature a round shape with intricate details, including the iris, pupil, and bloodshot veins, to create a realistic and eerie appearance.

Material: The prop is made of aluminum film, which gives it a reflective and metallic sheen. The material is lightweight and durable, allowing for easy handling and long-lasting use.

4D Effect: The “4D” in the name suggests that the prop provides a multidimensional effect. This could be achieved through the use of holographic or reflective elements on the surface of the aluminum film, creating an illusion of depth and movement when viewed from different angles.

Visual Impact: The aluminum film used in the prop can create captivating visual effects. It reflects light and can produce a shimmering or iridescent appearance, enhancing the eerie and supernatural vibe of the eyeball prop.

Versatility: The prop can be used in various ways. It can be hung from ceilings, trees, or doorways as a decoration, placed on tables or shelves as a centerpiece, or incorporated into spooky displays or haunted house setups.

Easy Assembly: Depending on the specific prop, it require some assembly. This could involve inflating the eyeball with air or attaching additional components, such as a hanging string or stand. Instructions for assembly is provided with the prop.

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Halloween balloons use colorful eyeball patterns, with clear and colorful eyeballs adorned with many bloodstains. They are unique and can bring a lot of fun and joy to Halloween parties.

These lifelike horror eyeball balloons perfectly match with other Halloween decorations, adding Halloween atmosphere and enhancing Halloween themed parties, making them perfect for Halloween and Halloween party decorations.

You can hang or paste these eyeball balloons on doors, walls, windows, and other places you want to decorate. Halloween balloons are suitable for Halloween decorations, horror themed parties, and stage props. It will attract many friends and children to visit.

Material: Aluminum foil
Not inflated: 22inch (55cm)
Inflated: 15.7inch (40cm)
Color: Blue, green, orange
Package Including
1 x Eyeball Prop
Attention: Ordinary balloons cannot take off and need to be filled with helium balloons to take off.


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4D Halloween Aluminum Film Eyeball Prop4D Halloween Aluminum Film Eyeball Prop
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