Halloween Witch Arm Wall Hanging Prop

Design: The prop features a lifelike witch arm, made of lightweight and durable materials such as synthetic resin. The arm is designed to resemble a witch’s arm, with wrinkled skin, long fingernails, and possibly adorned with jewelry or accessories like rings or bracelets. The size of the arm can vary, but it is often long enough to make it noticeable and create a chilling effect.

Realistic Details: The Halloween Witch Arm Wall Hanging Prop is crafted with attention to detail to create a realistic and creepy appearance. The arm may feature realistic skin texture, intricate hand and fingernail detailing, and possibly even some blood or other distressing effects to enhance the overall spooky effect.

Versatile use: The witch arm wall hanging prop can be used in various Halloween-themed setups, such as haunted houses, Halloween parties, costume parties, or as part of a DIY Halloween decoration project. Their realistic appearance and multiple quantity make them suitable for large-scale displays or scattering them around to surprise your guests.

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Material: Synthetic resin
Size: 7x4inches (18x10cm)
Color: Black
Package Including:
1xHalloween Witch Arm Wall Hanging Prop


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Halloween Witch Arm Wall Hanging PropHalloween Witch Arm Wall Hanging Prop
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